About NVDO

The Dutch Maintenance Society (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud, NVDO) is the leading industry organization that offers support to companies and individuals through advocacy, knowledge transfer and networking. These companies and individuals are involved in decision making in the area of ?Management and Maintenance / Asset Management and thereby ensure that the Dutch maintenance sector helps to perform as the world's best. The NVDO does this by taking an independent position in the sector and by serving all relevant business sectors with the help of information, advice, knowledge development, (scientific) research and knowledge exchange and thus helping them on their way to excellent asset management. The NVDO is an association where members feel at home, both as a representative of their company or organization, as a professional and as a person. An NVDO member has the willingness to exchange knowledge and experience with interested parties (members and non-members) based on his or her individual "know-how"? and expertise.

The NVDO can be reached at:

Lange Schaft 7G
Postbus 138, 3990 DC
Houten, the Netherlands.
Tel. +31 30 6346040

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